Want to know how much cleaning the rendering of a house will cost? Get in touch with us.


At Hilo, we specialise in the cleaning of all varieties of the self-finished render using non-invasive soft wash technology



Render has become an increasingly popular wall covering and it is easy to see why. It offers the architects a variety of finishes to use in their designs – such as smooth, textured, coloured, and even sparkles!

It is practical too as it is low maintenance, requiring periodic cleaning but without the need for painting again.

At Hilo, we offer rendering services in line with the manufacturers’ guidelines to remove the gradual growth of algae (including moss, lichen, and fungi).


We’re asked frequently if we are cleaning render with bleach. Our render cleaners apply a non-aggressive high purity biocide to the algal growth. It works by penetrating down into the roots of the biofilm and killing it off, it does not interact with the mineral components of the render.

Once the treatment is complete, we will then use our non-invasive soft wash system to remove the residue from the surface, returning the render to its original finish.​

Part of our maintenance program is to include an annual application of the biocide.

This regular low-cost application will prevent deep regrowth of the algae and allow nature and the rain to do most of the work, keeping the render looking like its original self.

No matter what size your property, we have a team for it. For most buildings, the work will be carried out from ground level, but if need be, we have cherry picker teams and rope access teams – so all buildings are within our reach.

We do not!

We do not use high pressure jet wash systems on your render – This is potentially damaging and can remove the render surface from the building

We do not use sodium hydrochloride – This is basically a bleaching chemical. It does not attack the roots of algal growth, but rather just bleaches the colour surface. It will not in itself slow down the regrowth. We use only manufacturer approved biocides to tackle the root causes themselves.